Lust in the Afternoon

Lust in the Afternoon
part of the Naughty Nooners anthology of gay erotic romance
out now from Total-E-Bound

Sometimes all it takes is one afternoon. Ted Wayne is the IT manager at a gay on-line magazine and bookstore that also provides live streaming peep shows. During a fierce snowstorm, the on-air talent can’t make it in for the "Lust in the Afternoon" show, and only Ted is around to fill the void. Art director Grayson Jeffries talks Ted into fifteen minutes in front of the camera, partly because Ted thinks Gray is the hottest thing going. He’s reluctant to masturbate in front of Gray, but at least with Gray in the room, he has no worries about getting it up. Gray has wanted Ted for months--now he has this one chance to make all his fantasies come true.

ADULT Excerpt:
“I can work the cameras,” Ted practically pleaded. “Gray will look much better on camera than me.” Understatement. Gray Jefferies was a walking wet dream. Over the last month, Ted had jacked off night after night just imagining Gray’s strong, toned body naked.

“You’ll be fine.”

The deep voice from behind his shoulder startled Ted, and he spun around in his chair to see Gray leaning against a filing cabinet, his arms crossed over a tight black turtleneck and an encouraging smile on his handsome face. Three gold rings glinted in his right ear.

“If you’re really freaked about someone recognizing you, I can fuzz the image so nobody sees your face.”

Ted rolled his eyes and sighed into his Bluetooth headset. He knew when he was outnumbered. “Fine. I’ll do it. But you owe me, Martin. I want an extra week of vacation for this.”

Langdon was a reasonable man, who had, overall, been a great boss, and Ted really did hate to disappoint him. To start with, it was so goddamn refreshing to work in a place where queer was the norm, and nobody got weird about it.

“Done,” said Martin over the static. “I’ll even let you use my condo in South Beach when you take it. And don’t try to drive home tonight. Bunk in with Gray or Nat. Don’t want to see you on the morning news.”

Gray lived in the apartment building just across the street from the office, and Nathalie lived upstairs in this same building, making the walk possible even in the middle of a blizzard.

“Most likely I’ll just sleep in the office again.” That’s what he’d done last night, babysitting a cranky network server. Which was why he’d ended up stranded here, instead of stuck at home in Ferndale when the early February blizzard hit.

He said goodbye to his boss and ended the call, then turned to face Gray. “You’re sure you wouldn’t rather do this? You’re in a lot better shape than I am.” Ted was a runner—fit, but long and lean, whereas Gray had the broad, triangular frame of a professional body-builder.

Gray swept his hooded brown eyes over Ted from head to toe, and licked his full, sensual lips, making Ted’s dick harden in an instant. “I think you’ll look just fine in front of the camera. And it’s only for fifteen minutes. I can throw some images up on the monitors for you to look at, if you want the help. Just let me know which of our past models flips your switch.”

You, Ted wanted to say. Even fully clothed, Gray was a bigger turn-on than any of the naked pretty-boys who normally did the program. The good news was that since Gray would be in the room watching him, Ted wouldn’t need any visuals of other men to get it up.

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